Caleb Christensen

                                   ACTOR / MUSICIAN / SONGWRITER


Hi there!  I'm Caleb Christensen.  I'm an actor, instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter based in Manhattan New York. 

About me!

I was born in a very small town outside of Chicago, called Johnsburg.  I'm the fourth of five siblings, I love to cook, golf, snowboard, play guitar, and make people laugh.  As a child I could be found dancing around the kitchen, singing a song I made up, or annoying every single person in the house at the same time.  My mom, being a fellow theatre kid, knew exactly what to do with me.  

I have continued to further develop these abilities,  and channel them into my other passions like: writing music and poetry, acting and improv, learning new instruments, and producing my own music.  

As a recent graduate from Syracuse University's Department of Drama, I have had the chance to use these skills in multiple shows, short films, school events, concerts, and student productions.  For many of them I was able to not only act, but also play music, compose, and sound design.